The following list covers most problems that you may experience with a central heating system:

Radiators not heating up

Cold spots on radiators

Leaking radiator valves

Vibrations & noises

Sludge in the system

Regular need to bleed air from radiators

​Pump inefficiency / low speed

​Upstairs radiators hot but downstairs cold

​Faulty heating controls & thermostats

 In our experience we have found that many of our customers will have the boiler serviced every year but neglect the rest of  the heating system.

 A central heating system contains many parts, mostly made from metal which combined with  the corrosive effects of water  and its heating and cooling will gradually deteriorate if not  serviced, cleaned and protected. 

 This in turn will affect the boiler, it's performance, will necessitate costly repairs not to mention  the reduction in efficiency.

If you experience any of these problems call Alex Roberts Gas & Heating Engineer now to discuss. We will inspect your system for free and make our recommendations. A fixed price will be given for repairs including parts & labour.

Power flushing service from £350 including cleanser & inhibitor

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